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orangery paint colours


We use Teknos microporous paint for our products, both Hardwood and Accoya.  This is spray-applied using a Graco Merkur 45:1 airless, air-assisted spray gun in our own workshop spray booth.

The base coat is Teknos AntiStain Aqua 2901-00, a water borne industrial primer for new wood designated for exterior use such as windows, doors and conservatories. Some components may be dipped in a similar product, AquaPrimer 2900-02.

For the top coats, we use the Teknos AquaTop 2600-21, which is similarly a water borne topcoat designated for exterior use.



AquaTop 2600

AntiStain Aqua 2901

Care and Maintenance Guidelines



Colour Matching

Teknos are able to match pretty much any colour. The industry standard colour schemes RAL or BS are used, but often clients will specify a paint by others well known brands. We are only able to use Teknos paint because it is the correct formulation for our spray equipment and has proven durability for exterior joinery.

Modern colour matching technology is quite amazing, however it must be understood that paints of different formulations, painted on different materials in differing light conditions are unlikely to appear exactly the same. An emulsion paint brush-applied to a plastered wall will never reflect the light in the same way as a microporous paint spray onto some fine-grained joinery, nevertheless it’s fair to say that any colour can be matched.


Teknos Colour Range

Teknos have their own colours, the relevant Teknos colour range is found here

You can view and download copies of the individual colours.



paint colours






paint colours


paint colours
paint colours


paint colours


paint colours