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Orangery Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is normally the most widely used room in the house and an ideal place to benefit from natural sunlight. A dining or breakfast area is a requirement in many modern houses, for informal meals, rushed weekday snacks, or lazy weekend brunches. An orangery extension to your kitchen can provide the additional space to do this.

Allowing more light than a traditional extension, yet better insulation and heat-control than a conservatory, this type of extension is the perfect solution.


Minimal Disruption

Each scenario is different, some clients will combine building the new space with remodeling the entire space and fitting new units and appliances, others will not want to touch the existing equipment. Either way, the appliances need to remain functional during the build. We will always find a way of configuring the drainage, plumbing and electrics so this can be achieved.

In most situations, the vast majority of the work can be done before touching the existing kitchen at all. Depending on the how the opening between new and old is to be created, we can generally get the new orangery watertight and secure before breaking into the main house.

If a new kitchen is to be fitted, we can take care of the preparation work in advance or coordinate with a third party. This might involve preparing drainage, plumbing and electrical points, plastering and tiling. We can organise this work so the project is done efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption.



Orangeries House Extension kitchen orangery extension

Will Kingsholme Install the New Kitchen?

We can do, but typically we would coordinate with a kitchen specialist who would design, supply and install it. This could be someone recommended by us, or a company chosen by the client.

Within our team we have a wealth of experience in both the design and installation of new kitchens and bespoke cabinetry.



Flexible Planning Orangery Extension

Designing and ordering a new kitchen extension and the kitchen itself can be a daunting task, there are ultimately a lot of decisions to make. It is normally useful to have at least a rough plan before designing and starting work on the orangery, but it’s not always essential to have every detail finalised. Some clients will get the shell of the built to get a feel for the layout before confirming the kitchen order.

However we can provide detailed plans to the kitchen company, so they can design it in advance and any associated works can be arranged.

orangery kitchen extension

Additional Works

Surprisingly, many kitchen installers do not undertake much of the work that is necessary to install a new kitchen, such as providing water feeds, electrics, extractor fan ducting or drainage. Amazingly many offer only a “dry-fit” service; they will charge a lot of money for supplying and “fitting” a sink, but expect someone else to fit the taps!

However if extra plastering, underfloor heating and structural alterations are required, it is reasonable for the kitchen company not to get involved with this. Cleary any extra work needs to be planned and budgeted for and on projects we are involved in there are generally three options or combination of all three!


Option 1 – Somebody other than Kingsholme does the work. This may be the kitchen company, another builder or the client himself.


Option 2 – Kingsholme organises and charges for the work as we go along . This is often the most cost-effective solution and takes the pressure off having to have all the details set in stone at the outset.

In some cases we can arrange for the client to liaise with and pay the tradesman direct. For example, our electrician will be on site installing electrics which are included in the overall project price, but often the client will ask him to fit some additional lights or sockets in the kitchen area. We are more than happy no to get involved in this arrangement, it’s often simpler, more efficient (in terms of both tax and logistics) and more effective for the client and the electrician to communicate direct.


Option 3 – Kingsholme includes the work in the price.  Whilst many clients are comfortable dealing with the kitchen extras as the project progresses, some prefer to have a fixed price at the outset and in many ways this is easier for us also. For us to give a fair price for the kitchen work, we need to know a reasonably accurate specification, such as number of sockets, drainage requirements, extractor fans etc.  Changing the position of a sink can make a big difference to the cost of providing drainage, particularly if the sink is in an island the floor needs to be dug up.



Please take a look at our photograph gallery for inspiration or to find out more, please contact us on 0800 328 5386. We will be pleased to conduct a free site survey and provide a detailed design and  quotation.