Full Build Service

We are able to offer a ‘Full Build Service’ in certain areas, whereby we undertake most aspects of the build from excavating the foundations through to tiling the floor. Our own long-serving and experienced personnel are a great asset whose experience and expertise are valued by our clients.

Many clients prefer having one main company to deal with and it helps us to plan the project more accurately and look at the bigger picture to help ensure the end result meets expectations.

Full build Service orangery foundations


We have been excavating foundations for conservatory and orangery bases for over 25 years and have a great deal of experience with all aspects of groundworks.  Whilst it’s not a part of the build that anyone relishes, the foundations are a means to an end and on a site with good access can be completed within a week.

The standard footing is 60cm wide by 100cm deep, however this depth is subject to Build Control approval and deeper footings can be required. We always want to get the groundworks phase over as soon a possible and therefore do not want to dig any deeper than we have to, however it’s in everyone’s interests to ensure the foundations are at the correct depth to avoid future problems.

We typically use a mini digger and tracked-barrow or dumper to excavate and remove the spoil then ready-mix concrete delivered by mean of a pump to fill the trenches. On some problematic sites deep piles have to be used instead drilled or hammered to a depth of around six metres.

orangery brickwork


We have our own long-serving team of bricklayers who are in tune with the exacting requirements in terms of precision and detail required for a quality orangery. Orangery bases need to be built to a greater degree of accuracy than a general extension or a new build.

Our team are adapt at matching the detail on the existing house something that is required on every job. We’ll use the same brick bond, mortar colour and joint type to ensure the harmony between new and old.

We have well established connections with brick matching specialists who will identify your house brick and source a match.  These may be new or reclaimed, metric or imperial, but if the brick is available then we will find it. In the cases where bricks have been discontinued, we would generally find a suitable alternative.

On occasion, we have re-used bricks that we due to be knocked out from the existing property to ensure a perfect match, but this is rarely practical nor necessary.

RSJ insertion

Knock Throughs

As with foundations, steel insertions to form wider openings to the main property are a necessary evil, but something that can make a huge difference to the end result and the longer term usage of the orangery extension.

Typically the steel has to go in before the orangery roof is built in order to set it as high as possible. However we would not normally do the full knock through at that stage, rather leave the brickwork, windows and doors etc in place beneath the new steel, then knock through once the orangery is secure and watertight.


Plastering and Decorating

We have a team of excellent plasterers who will plaster your orangery with the minimum of fuss and mess. We board and skim the ceiling and walls, this improves the insulation and is the preferred method of most builders.

Our decorators work both on site and in our spray shop, this allows them to care for the joinery from start to end. Timber fascias will need touching up after installation as do pilasters and often the beads and window boards.

We can paint the new walls and ceilings, but would normally exclude the cost of the paint from the quotation. This allows the client to choose the paint type as there can be a huge variation in price.

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Kingsholme manufacture traditional hardwood orangeries and roof lanterns at our factory in Bedfordshire, which are then installed by our own highly experienced and professional teams. Whether you are looking for a complete hardwood orangery, or just a timber roof lantern, we can help your ideas become reality.

We also design and construct contemporary orangeries and sunrooms, utilising the modern aluminium components and featuring stunning expanses of glazing.