Hardwood orangery

Kingsholme – Orangeries and Roof Lanterns


Established in 1997

We are an independent company specialising in orangeries, glass extensions and conservatories in both traditional and contemporary styles. The vast majority of our designs are bespoke and vary from the traditional to the ultra modern.

All of our conservatories and orangeries are built using high quality materials by experienced craftsmen. Each conservatory is tailored to the client’s requirements and designed to complement the existing property.

As a compact organisation we maintain personal contact with our customers and keep our overheads down, thereby providing excellent value for money and a professional service.



Traditional Hardwood Lanterns and Skylights

Kingsholme manufacture, supply and install bespoke hardwood roof lanterns. Made from 100% FSC hardwood with a decorative internal ovolo moulding, our traditional roof lanterns will add luxury and prestige to any extension.



Small is beautiful

It is our genuine belief that our buildings represent the best value for money on the market. You can pay a lot more elsewhere, but you will not receive a better product nor service. Our priority has always been to design and build to the highest standards possible and to rely on our compact structure and efficient practices to deliver this high standard at a competitive price.

The number of customer recommendations we receive and our adept use of the Internet mean we have virtually no advertising nor marketing costs. This gives us a tremendous advantage, we can pass these saving on to our clients thereby making our products even more attractive and the decision to use us an even easier one to make!



A local firm

By restricting our work to a modest geographical area, we benefit from both local knowledge and logistical advantages. Based in the South East, we are in one of the most densely populated regions of the country. Approximately ten million people live in our catchment area, many of whom have high aspirations and expectations.

This means we generally don’t have to travel too far, which in the age or increasing transport costs and traffic congestion, is a huge benefit in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our local knowledge can be useful in dealing with both delicate planning applications and tricky brick matches.

An understanding of local styles will aid both the clients, and if relevant the planners, in achieving their goal of creating an addition that will enhance the existing property.




We provide free, no-obligation, site-surveys where ideas are discussed and solutions suggested. If the job looks like a viable proposition for both the client and ourselves, we would then produce some initial drawings.

In some cases these hit the mark straight off, in others we may need to go through several iterations to get the correct design. We use 3D CAD (Three-Dimensional Computer Aided Design) software which not only produces excellent visualisations of the end result, but it is very easy to amend. Once we’ve set up the CAD model, we can experiment with different options. It is better for us to spend the time getting it right at the beginning so the completed job meets the client’s requirements.

Normally sooner, but occasionally later, the ideal design is agreed upon, at which point we would issue a quotation. The expected reaction is for the client, upon receipt of the quotation, to say “amazing, when can you start?” Often the answer is dependent on Planning Permission, which is something we take care of and of which we have a great deal of experience.