We have been building timber conservatories and orangeries for over 21 years, the majority of them have been manufactured in hardwoods such as utile, red grandis meranti, or sapele. Over time we have seen a variation in the quality and availability of the timber stocks, hence the use of different species at different stages.

Within the joinery and construction it has always been understood that the natural beauty and feel of timber products and the traditional appearance afforded by timber buildings have always come with a few drawbacks; namely stability, durability and maintenance.

Accoya, which is a relatively new product in Britain, is a game-changer. Accoya has a 50-year warranty when used above ground, such as in an orangery. It is also guaranteed for 25 years when used below ground or in water.




Accoya Durability

Accoya has durability class 1, with an expected service life of over 60 years.


Class 5 = Non durable < 5 years

Class 4 = Slightly Durable 5-10 years

Class 3 = Moderately Durable 10-15 years

Class 2 = Durable 15-25 years

Class 1 = Highly Durable 25+ years



Accoya Stability


As can be seen from the table below, the stability of Accoya is far superior to other timbers

accoya orangery