Red Grandis

Red Grandis is the main timber we use for our hardwood roof lanterns, windows and doors.  It is ethically-sourced from managed plantations, it is strong, stable and has a fine grain that is easily worked and accepts paint and stain readily. Whilst our hardwood lanterns are mainly maintenance free with very little timber exposed externally, it is still beneficial to use a highly durable hardwood. Red Grandis is a durable hardwood with a projected service life of fifty years. Red Grandis is also dimensionally stable, an important factor when used in hardwood roof lanterns.

FSC® Certified 100% Hardwood

Red Grandis is a sub-species of the Eucalyptus family and is native to Eastern Australia. The timber we use comes from managed plantations in Uruguay, it is FSC® Certified 100% and guaranteed by a full chain of custody. In addition to the ecological aspects, the plantation workers receive a fair wage and are afforded proper working conditions in accordance with health and safety protocols.

Trees can grow up to a height of around seventy metres and three metres in diameter, although most plantation stock will be harvested after twenty-five years of growth.  The timber colour ranges from a light pink to a dark red, with the sapwood being very similar to the heartwood.