Window and Door Furniture

Our hardwood windows and doors can be fitted with handles in a range of different styles and colours. Some clients want the ironmongery to be as understated as possible, others prefer to make a feature of it. Often matching or complimenting the colour of window and door furniture in the main house is the priority.

We have default range of styles and colours that are tried and tested and suitable for many situations. These shown at the bottom of the page however we are in principle we are happy to supply alternative handles not shown here, subject compatibility.

Typically we fit concealed window hinges, however the hinges on our traditional flush doors are prominent so should also be in keeping.


Window and Door Ironmongery. Our timber windows are fitted with espagnolette locks, the spindle a fixing holes are industry standards therefore most ‘espag’ handles will attach however we need to ensure the handle will clear the outer frame.

French doors, single doors and bifold traffic doors will usually have a lever handle on backplate with a Euro-cylinder lock. French doors have handles and lock on both leaves, which is particularly useful on taller doors. The alternative being hand-operated shoot-bolts top and bottom on the slave door, which can be tricky to reach.

Similarly our intermediate bifold doors have a lever-operated shoot-bolt system, so both top and bottom bolts are engaged by use of a single mid height handle. This may seem like a small detail but it makes the doors far easier to operate.

Optional Ironmongery examples

We also offer the range of handles supplied by From the Anvil at an extra cost, some examples shown below. They also offer a range of complimentary electrical fittings. Please take a look at their website.

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