It is in our interests to ensure that technical problems do not arise in our conservatories once the job is completed. To this end we use components that are designed for robustness and durability, and we take great care during the installation process to minimize the risk of potential problems occurring in the future. However diligent we may be, due to the number of conservatories we install there is always the possibility of the occasional item needing attention in the years following completion of the job. We supply a ten-year, fully comprehensive guarantee.


Insurance Backing – Masterbond

For more complex projects, the FMB’s Masterbond scheme provides the best level of cover. Click here to find out more.


Insurance Backing

As an established company with a growing bank of satisfied customers, we envisage a bright and stable future. We gain a substantial proportion of our work through recommendation, which provides a bedrock of business when the national economy is in decline. Our guarantee is underwritten for the first five years via an insurance scheme brokered through the Independent Warranty Association.

In order for us to be able to provide our customers with this cover, we have had to undergo a rigorous examination of our financial status, our construction techniques, and our customer satisfaction. Should you require more specific information please feel free to either contact us or the IWA.

Deposit Indemnity

To give the client addition peace of mind, the above scheme also indemnifies the deposit. This means that should anything unforeseen happen to us before the work has commenced, the deposit would be recoverable.

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