Orangery in Radlett

Radlett Orangery - 1

A charming property in lovely grounds, but with a dated conservatory. The clients suffered from the usual problems of it being too hot in summer, too cold in winter, not mention leaks in wet weather and difficult to open doors and windows.








radlett orangery CAD

Whilst the building and grounds could have accommodated a larger orangery, restrictions on development in the Green Belt and the fact the property had  already been extended, meant a larger orangery would be highly unlikely to get planning permission.

The above design was proposed, which allowed the clients to gain a bit of extra floor space.





Radlett Orangery - 2

Existing structure being removed.






Radlett Orangery - 3

New foundations excavated and ready for inspection by Building Control.






Radlett Orangery - 4

The windows and doors to the main house have been boarded over. Primarily for security, but also to guard against breakages whilst the old concrete floor slab was being broken out.

The above photo shows the new concrete floor slab being poured. This is typically set 185mm below the final finished floor level to allow for insulation and final screed.






Radlett Orangery - 5

The walls are complete and the hardwood framework is being erected.







Radlett Orangery - 6

The glulam beams that provide the structural support for the hardwood lantern are over nine metres long.

They are set into the walls and sit on top of a steel beam above the orangery windows.







Radlett Orangery - 7

The hardwood lantern has been fitted and the electric cables run ready for plaster-boarding.






Radlett Orangery - 8

Still some work to do on the roof, but the orangery is starting to take shape.







Radlett Orangery - 9

The ceiling has been plaster-boarded.








Radlett Orangery - 10

The ceiling has been skimmed, the outer orangery walls plastered and radiators fitted.

We are holding off plastering the back walls until the clients decide on doors for the openings to the house.






Radlett Orangery - 11

The clients have decided to have no doors on the main openings to the house, other than the single door at the end.

The walls have been plastered and initial coats of paint applied.







Radlett Orangery - 12

The decorating and second fix electrics are complete (see spotlights in ceiling) and the oak flooring is being laid.






Radlett Orangery - 13

The bulk of the orangery work is now complete, it just needs a path and step to finish it off.






Radlett Orangery - 15

Finished just before the bad weather.






Radlett Orangery - 14

An all year round room.






Radlett Orangery - 16

The final result.