Contemporary Orangery in Hertfordshire

The client had an old conservatory that was too cold in the winter and to hot in the summer, she wanted to replace it with something more modern, both in terms of aesthetics and technical performance.

Contemporary Orangery in Hertfordshire




A new, larger orangery was proposed, featuring aluminium bifold doors and a flat roof with a glazed lantern.




Contemporary Orangery in Hertfordshire

The clean lines of the full-lenght glass panels would give a clearer view of the garden

Hertfordshire Orangery_3


Six-part bifold doors were to be fitted across the front

Hertfordshire Orangery_4

The new ceiling would be level with the existing kitchen ceiling, a new steel beam would be installed that would be hidden so that the ceilings could run through flush.

Hertfordshire Orangery_5

Internal furniture layouts were proposed, but these often get revised as the build progresses.

Hertfordshire Orangery_6

The existing utility door would be filled in

Hertfordshire Orangery_7



The old conservatory was demolished an new footings excavated

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 2




Surface water drainage was re-roouted and a suspended concrete floor fitted

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 3




The new steel beam was inserted into the house wall. This needed to be done early in the process as it would be hidden between the new roof and the house floor.

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 4




New engineering brick piers were built to take the concentrated load at the ends of the beam

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 5




Having the building work done in the winter meant the project would be completed ready to enjoy the spring, however there would be some messy moments!

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 6




A steel portal frame was erected to provide the structural stability for the new orangery. The posts were bolted to the foundations then the masonry completed

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 7




The timber roof framework was built and insulated

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 8




The powder-coated aluminium lantern was fitted and glazed

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 9




The thermally broken aluminium windows were fitted

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 10




The first fix electrics were done and the plaste-rboarding of the ceiling begins

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 11




\The steel for the new opening is hidden in the ceiling/floor space of the existing house. A job made easier by the suspended ceiling.

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 12




The powder-coated aluminium fascia is fitted and the job is starting to take shape

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 13




Large format tiles, approx one metre square, were laid.

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 14



The roof was decorated and some initial furniture placed. The new ceiling can be seen running though flush to the existing with the beam hidden

Hertfordshire orangery1




A calm, bright room

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 17



The new paving brings the garden back together.

If you refer back to the first photo, you will see that we also replaced the windows on the house to match the orangery.

Hertfordshire orangery1 - 18