Orangery Roof Insulation

orangery insulation

orangery insulation

The guys are fitting the perimeter insulation into the roof before the decorative fascia is fitted.

The orangery flat roof area is covered with Sarnafil and we utilised a “warm roof” design. This means that the insulation is in top off the roof, so there is no cold void that requires ventilation. This does mean that a vapour barrier is needed to prevent any moisture from the room penetrating the insulation from inside and condensing on the cold, internal face of the roof membrane.

We typically use 140mm of rigid PIR insulation, 100mm on the outside and 40mm internally. The roof drain pipe can be seen, this will be fitted with an aluminium hopper and replica cast downpipe at a later stage.

A timber trim will be scribed against the side of the house to cover the join to the wildly undulating render!