hardwood lantern

Timber Lantern Specification and Options



We use 100% FSC Certified Red Grandis for our roof lanterns. It is ethically-sourced from managed plantations, it is strong, stable and has a fine grain that is easily worked and accepts paint and stain readily.

To find out more, please visit the Red Grandis page.


Glazing Options

Our standard double-glazing has a centre pane u-value of 1.2W/m²K , our premium double-glazing has a centre pane u-value of 1.0W/m²K .

We also offer Triple-glazing with a centre pane u-value of 0.7 W/m²K .

Self-cleaning and solar-control glass are offered in various tints, with up to 91% solar heat reflection for double-glazed and 94% for triple.




One of the main advantages of hardwood lanterns over aluminium or uPVC is the ability to conceal lighting cable and hang pendant lights.

We can provide decorative bosses for hanging lights and create cable channels in roof rafters to hide wiring for lights or electric roof vents.



Climate Control

If the room is anything other than north-facing, solar control glass is advisable and is the most effective option for preventing over-heating. A glass with a solar-heat reflection of around 80% is best advised, this gives the optimum balance between light transmission and shading.

Opening roof windows are generally a good investment, whilst the solar control glass is of the most benefit, it is typically better to have at least one roof opener than not. An opening roof window will not only help release hot air in extreme weather, it is particularly useful in kitchen extensions to ventilate cooking odours.

In some extensions or orangeries, insects will congregate in the roof area, this is often due to bifold doors being left open in summer evenings. A opening roof vent is a simple way to allow them to escape in the natural convection currents of upwardly flowing air.



The hardwood lantern can be sprayed to any colour using Teknos microporous paint. Our standard white is RAL 9016 in semi gloss, but any other colour reference can be matched.

The external aluminium cappings are painted in a lead-grey as standard, RAL 9023. This works well with the Sarnafil roofing membrane we use on our own orangeries and complements most other flat roofing products.



Supply and Install

We offer a Supply and Install service only. Whilst the expertise required to install a hardwood roof lantern is not quite comparable to rocket science, we have found that it is more efficient and cost-effective for all parties if we do the installation.  Were we to supply the lantern only, there would be a delivery cost of several hundred pounds and we would often incur the cost of providing remote support to fitters unfamiliar with the product. For the client, not only would they pay the delivery cost, they would also have to pay someone to install who would invariably take longer to do so.

As it stands, our fitters will bring the lantern with them and install on the same day thereby combining the delivery and installation costs and providing a swift and accurate installation.



Lead Times

Our lead times may vary throughout the year so please ask. We will endeavour to bring that forward where required for the occasional “rush job”.

Once the order is confirmed, we provide a provisional installation date which is then confirmed nearer the time once the flat roof is ready. This allows clients to place the order before the flat roof is built so the lantern is available when required. Having been established for over twenty years, we appreciate building projects and schedules are rarely in sync, so it make sense all round to fine tune the installation date nearer the time.




Please click here for basic pricing information on standard sizes. Other sizes and optional extras priced on request.

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