Roof glazing or not?

Depending on the orientation of the building in terms of amounts of sunlight and the depth of the adjoining room, it is sometimes preferable to have no roof glazing in the roof. When combined with large floor to ceiling glass panels, this can create an amazing effect, drawing the eye towards the garden.

When the sunroom is built on to a south-facing elevation, this will provide shade form the sun when it’s at its highest and strongest in the summer months, but allow light in when the sun is lower in the sky in winter.

Even with no glazing in the roof, the sunroom should be light enough itself, but the light levels of the adjoining room may be impacted, particularly if this room is deep and is not double aspect.  In this scenario we offer choices of sleek minimalist roof lanterns, or flat glass skylights or varying sizes.


Aluminium kitchen extension Kensworth

The above orangery features a modern lantern made from powder-coated aluminium box section.



contemporary sunroom

The sunroom above has no skylights, but the eye is drawn out into the garden by the large expanse of glazing on the corner. The slimline doors feature a recessed track, the floor runs through flush with the patio and the same tiles are used both internally and externally.




Being fully south-facing, no skylight was specified on the garden roof above. The roof extends out to form a canopy, which features recessed spotlights.




The above orangery has a large “flat” glass roof panel