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Our k-space range is a set of nine high-quality flat roof extensions with fully customisable glazing options.

For the past twenty-one years we have been designing and constructing high-quality bespoke buildings in hardwood and aluminium. In recent years we have seen an increase in demand for contemporary aluminium-framed orangeries and have found ourselves designing a number of similarly themed extensions for clients. Whilst these stylish modern designs with minimal framework look simple, the reality is that there is a lot of structure hidden beneath the surface which is unfortunately surprisingly expensive.

Rather than compromise on the quality of materials, specification or workmanship, we have standardised many of the structural elements, such as steel posts, aluminium fascias and glulam beams.  We have designed nine standard-sized buildings around these components, yet allowed for freedom of choice on window, door and wall options. Not only has this saved on material cost and design time on each job, it has increased speed and efficiency during construction.

For clients whose requirements can be met by one of these standard sizes, we are able to pass on the cost savings, making the product even greater value for money! See below for pricing information.

The k-space range utilises specialists construction methods, training and experience are required to install a k-space building effectively. We therefore do not offer the buildings on a supply-only basis to be installed by others. However the base, which comprises foundations and brickwork, is of a traditional design and could be undertaken by another builder if that best suits the situation.

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k-space key features:

Aluminium windows, doors, fascia and lantern, powder-coated to RAL 7016 Anthracite

2.4m (8ft) floor to ceiling height

High-insulation warm roof system

“Sarnafil” single-ply roofing membrane – 40-year life expectancy

Traditional base construction – concrete footings, brickwork, insulated and screeded concrete floor


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k-space Pricing

In general, you get better value for money in terms of price per square metre by having a bigger size, but obviously the smaller sizes have lower prices!

The cost does depend on exactly what glazing options are configured, but the below examples should give a feel of the pricing level:

Example 1

4m x 4m   no lantern, including base work and electrics, 4-part bifolds and fixed panes to sides    £32,0760 +VAT Fully installed


Example 2

5m x 3m  Aluminium lantern, including base work and electrics, 5-part bifolds and fixed panes to sides    £35,630 +VAT Fully installed


Example 3

5m x 4m  Aluminium lantern, including base work and electrics, 5-part bifolds and fixed panes to sides    £42,330 +VAT Fully installed



To find out more, please contact us on 0800 211 8112. We will be pleased to conduct a free site survey and provide a detailed design and accurate quotation.