Do you offer a supply only service?

No. The k-space range utilises specialist construction methods. Training and experience are required to install a k-space building effectively. We therefore do not offer the buildings on a supply-only basis to be installed by others. However the base, which comprises foundations and brickwork, is of a traditional design and could be undertaken by another builder if that best suits the situation.


Do you offer any discounts?

No, the price we quote is the bottom line figure.

Our prices have been designed to be as competitive and transparent as possible and we believe they represent excellent value for money for the quality of the product. There are numerous ways we could have trimmed the costs for the k-space range further, but this would have compromised the product, which is a route we didn’t want to go down.


Can I have a size in-between two of your standard sizes?

Yes, but unfortunately there would have to be a surcharge to cover the cost of us re-working the plans and components. There is a great efficiency for us in working to set sizes, this is lost if we alter something, even to make it smaller.


Does the K-Space range come in different colours?

RAL 7016 Anthracite is standard. We can offer the same designs in any colour, but it does then become a bespoke building so the cost saving will not be as great.


Do I need to apply for Planning Permission?

In many cases the K-Space designs will fall under Permitted Development, but it does depend in the exact circumstances. This is something we can advise you on and take care of if necessary.


Do I need Building Regulations Approval?

It depends on various factors, most importantly whether your K-Space will be open to the main house, or separated by external quality doors. This is something we can advise you on and take care of if necessary.

The K-Space system has been designed to conform to building regulations, most importantly Part A (structure).  The depth of foundations will be dependant on site specific conditions and compliance with Part L (conservation of fuel and power) will depend on the exact design and the host building.


Can you create a new opening to my house?

Yes, depending on your location. We have great experience of inserting steels into existing buildings, but we are more than happy to coordinate with a local builder who would do this work.


What is in a standard electrics pack?

Three double sockets and up to sixteen recessed spotlight points, excluding fittings. Electrical fittings are available at a relatively low cost, but we’ve excluded them from the price to allow the client the choice of style.  Each building has a pre-configured recessed lighting layout which accords with the ceiling joists, so larger buildings have more light points. The lights are just over metre apart and equally spaced around the lantern.

Additional electrical work can be arranged at an extra cost.


Can you fit underfloor heating?

Yes, we have been installing underfloor heating, both wet and electrical since it first became popular over fifteen years ago.