Orangery near Welwyn, Hertfordshire


Orangery welwyn 8

The clients wanted to use the space at the rear of the garage.





Orangery welwyn - 1_1

Due to the shrinkable clay and presence of large oak trees, deep foundations and a suspended concrete floor were required.

The design was going to feature narrow brick columns which required steel post reinforcement.





Orangery welwyn - 2_1

The lay of the land meant a scaffold was required to enable us to work on the upper wall and rood efficiently and safely.





Orangery welwyn - 3_1

Once the walls were finished, large glulam beams were fitted to provide the structural support for the lantern opening.

As the British weather is so unpredictable, we have to persevere all year round. As nice as the thought of taking three months off in the winter is, we are just as likely to experience rain in July as snow in January, both of which could delay progress.





Orangery welwyn - 5_1

It is quite usual for us to connect a new flat orangery roof to a pitched tiled roof.

Here, we have left the existing felt in place temporarily while we build our new roof.  Once our flat roof is built, we will cut the old felt back and dress it over our new Sarnafil roof covering.






Orangery welwyn - 4_1

The level of the new orangery ceiling will be higher than the eaves of the garage roof, so we built it up in timber studwork. Using timber rather than masonry meant we could leave the original roof rafters and wall plate in place.






Orangery welwyn - 7_1

The finished orangery is used as a games roof and features a cinema projector with drop-down screen recessed in the ceiling.



Orangery welwyn - 8_1

The hardwood lantern is a features solar control-glass





Orangery welwyn -11

Our original CAD drawing….






Orangery welwyn - 6_1

The finished orangery.