Replacement Conservatory in Chorleywood

replacement conservatory_04

The old conservatory had served the clients well, but was a bit dated.

Also, being fully south-facing the conservatory got very hot and the clients wanted to take advantage of the latest solar-control glass.



replacement conservatory_16

The CAD image







replacement conservatory_05

The existing doorway was carefully boarded-up before we started dismantling the old conservatory.






replacement conservatory_06

The new conservatory was to be larger, so new footings were excavated.







replacement conservatory_07

The existing patio was carefully protected






replacement conservatory_08

We would then break-out the existing base so a proper damp-proof membrane and additional floor insulation could be fitted.






replacement conservatory_09

The pre-fabricated conservatory was installed.  Precise surveying had allowed this to be manufactured off-site,  but the rear roof pitch perfectly matched the existing.







replacement conservatory_10

The tiled roof was to be extended across.





replacement conservatory_11

New lead valleys were built as was another tiled section of roof.







replacement conservatory_12

One piece of aluminium gutter was damaged in transit and had to be re-made.






replacement conservatory_13

Preparing for the internal plastering







replacement conservatory_14

The enlarged tiled roof blends in seamlessly





replacement conservatory_15

New floor insulation going down





replacement conservatory_02

The external walls painted to match the existing






replacement conservatory_03

The final result