Hardwood Conservatory

Tuesday 22 November 2011


This hardwood conservatory is almost complete, a final clean and tidy up for us, then the kitchen company still have some bits to do.

You can see that the reclaimed bricks we have used on the walls and steps have really helped match the conservatory with the main building. The hardwood windows, doors and posts are great features in their own right, but again match those on the house.

We should be able to get some really good photos of this once everything is finally complete, the garden is in bloom and the sun comes out!

Conservatory Kitchen Extension

Sunday 20 November 2011


The granite worktops have been fitted and the kitchen is nearly complete. We just need to hang a door into the utility area. The kitchen company need to get a move on and get finished, the large fridge currently sitting in the middle of the conservatory is not due to stay there!

Once fully complete, it will be a spectacular room, very spacious and light. The hardwood conservatory will be a tremendous addition to the property.

Conservatory decorating

Saturday 5 November 2011
conservatory kitchen extension

conservatory kitchen extension

In some cases it is possible to paint the walls, or at least get a mist coat on before the kitchen is fitted. However on this job because the walls in the existing kitchen needed to be re-plastered, there was no time between when the plastering was done and the new kitchen units were fitted to paint.

It was important to get the new units installed as soon as possible so the granite worktops can be measured for. These final measurements can only be taken once the units are in place.

As you can see, our decorating is taking great care with protective sheeting and the new paint is making the room look lighter.

The granite work surfaces should arrive next week.

Floor tiling complete

Thursday 3 November 2011
floor tiling complete

floor tiling complete

The tiles are down and we’re ready to decorate and do the final finishing.

The clients have chosen a really nice porcelain tile, which looks great close up.

Our tiler, Gary, has done an excellent job as always.




Contemporary Orangery Kitchen Extension

Monday 31 October 2011

The final result of this contemporary orangery kitchen extension is looking great, the clients have chosen a sleek modern kitchen which fits the orangery perfectly.

Sometimes some of the most important aspects of our work are the bits you don’t see!

In this case the fact that the steel beam is hidden within the ceiling space really makes difference to the end result, allowing the ceiling to be flush.If the steel was box in below ceiling level, it would split the room in two and spoil the feeling of light and openness.