Hardwood Orangery

Tuesday 26 November 2019
Hardwood Orangery in Hertfordshire

Hardwood Orangery in Hertfordshire

Reinforced concrete raft

Friday 26 August 2011
reinforced raft

reinforced raft

The timber formwork is made, the steel reinforcing is in place and connected to the piles themselves.

There are two sheets of mesh held apart with spacers. The layout of the steel reinforcing is designed by our structural engineer.

Beneath the steel mesh is a void former, this is a collapsable material, such as Claymaster, which is strong enough to support the weight of the concrete, but will disintegrate over time to leave a space beneath the raft. This space will allow the ground to swell without affecting the new structure.

Completed Orangery

Wednesday 1 June 2011

The decorating and flooring are finished and the job is pretty much complete, just ahead of deadline! The colours work well, definitely the correct decision to go for the Farrow and Ball “String” rather than match the windows on the house.

The new hardwood flooring has been tied into the existing kitchen floor, making a seamless transition. The chandelier is fitted, all electric cables for the lights and auto mated roof vents are hidden within the timber roof rafters.


Orangery Hertfordshire

Monday 23 May 2011

For this orangery in Hertfordshire the rendering, plastering and screed are now complete and can start to dry out. Whilst this is happening we can finish off the outside. The guys have built a step to match the other steps on the property and are making good the Indian Sandstone paving.

The rainwater downpipes will be fitted once the external painting is completed.

Hardwood orangery

Tuesday 17 May 2011
orangery hertfordshire

orangery hertfordshire

The hardwood windows, bi-fold doors and lantern have been installed, the next step is to fit the glass.

As we have a tight deadline to meet, we are also preparing the floor at the same time. We are laying 100mm Kingspan insulation on top of the concrete floor slab, the screed will be laid. Normally we would plaster the walls before laying the screed, however the screed will need time to dry out before the hardwood flooring is laid, therefore we need to get the screed down as early as possible. This will happen as soon as the roof glass goes in.

There will be electric underfloor heating laid within the screed. Ideally a warm-water underfloor heating system would be used, but it will not be possible to connect this to the existing boiler within a lot of internal disruption, something the clients wisely decided against as they have a stunning kitchen which has been recently decorated.