Glulam beams

Thursday 29 September 2011
contemporary orangery aluminium

contemporary orangery aluminium

Roof construction almost complete. The glulam beams form the main opening for the glazed lantern, but will need to be built up further to create enough upstand.

Plywood decking goes down on top of the joists, this is laid to falls, then covered with 100mm Kingspan TR27 then Sarnafil membrane.

You can see the soldier course brickwork detail.

orangery barnet

Sunday 18 September 2011
orangery barnet

orangery barnet

The flat roof structure is almost finished and ready for weatherproofing. It was quite tricky to connect with the existing as the building regulations have been updated since the original extension was built and we now have to fit more insulation in the roof.

This means the new roof has to be of an increased thickness, which presents a problem connecting the two and may also be visible when looking at the fascia and gutter across both roofs at the front. By altering the slopes slightly and using extra insulation inside the roof space, we have got it to work well.

Orangery Glulam Beams

Monday 12 September 2011
orangery glulam beams

orangery glulam beams

The guys are fitting the glulam beams which will form the lantern opening. These are pretty amazing, we’ve used them of spans of over ten metres before!

These are made in Germany and machined to size in the UK. Our structural engineer specifies the correct sizes for each individual job. Unfortunately, many architects are not au fait with their properties and design lanterns from steels that require intermediate support beams, completely destroying the aesthetics of the lantern opening.

They are far more practical than steel, they are more stable, versatile, better insulated and no heavy lifting equipment is required.

Orangery roof framework

Thursday 12 May 2011

The guys are pushing ahead building the roof framework, the blockwork piers can be finished at a later stage. An orangery seems like a simple structure, but there is a surprising amount of work involved. Although we have used a steel portal frame, we have still used glulam beams to form the main structural opening for the lantern roof.

The positions of the roof joist are planned in advance using our CAD system, this means the spacings will suit the desired lighting layout. The flat roof area needs to be laid to slight falls, to direct the rainwater towards the outlets.

Orangery roof construction

Tuesday 3 November 2009

The glulam beams are in place the the roof framework is being constructed.

The RSJ is already set into the kitchen wall and it now covered by the roof timbers.