Contemporary Orangery Kitchen Extension

Monday 31 October 2011

The final result of this contemporary orangery kitchen extension is looking great, the clients have chosen a sleek modern kitchen which fits the orangery perfectly.

Sometimes some of the most important aspects of our work are the bits you don’t see!

In this case the fact that the steel beam is hidden within the ceiling space really makes difference to the end result, allowing the ceiling to be flush.If the steel was box in below ceiling level, it would split the room in two and spoil the feeling of light and openness.

Plastering complete

Tuesday 18 October 2011


contemporary orangery

contemporary orangery

Walls and ceiling plastered, insulation down ready for screed.

The wide opening of the bifold doors is allowing the plaster to dry quickly!


Glulam beams

Thursday 29 September 2011
contemporary orangery aluminium

contemporary orangery aluminium

Roof construction almost complete. The glulam beams form the main opening for the glazed lantern, but will need to be built up further to create enough upstand.

Plywood decking goes down on top of the joists, this is laid to falls, then covered with 100mm Kingspan TR27 then Sarnafil membrane.

You can see the soldier course brickwork detail.

R.S.J. Insertion

Tuesday 20 September 2011

contemporary orangery aluminium

contemporary orangery aluminium

The guys have just got the RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) into place. This is will be set within the floor/ceiling void so the new and old ceiling should run through flush without having any down-stand.

The existing floor joists run perpendicular to the RSJ, so they will have to be let into the flange of the beam and supported by it. A series of props and needles support the existing house whilst the hole is cut for the steel. The guys have developed an ingenious method of using chain block to lift the 160kg steel in to place. This means the work can be done by a couple of old codgers 😉

We will leave the existing wall in place until the orangery is fully built and is secure and watertight. However the steel has to be put in place before the orangery roof can be built.