Orangery Lantern Roof

Monday 3 October 2011
contemporary orangery aluminium

contemporary orangery aluminium

The lantern framework is starting to be erected. This is one of those jobs for which one needs a sky hook!

You need to get the central ridge and the first four rafters up, then it will support itself. for a small aluminium roof like this, it’s the quickest and easier method, however on larger hardwood roofs, more scaffolding and people are required.

The grey powder-coated aluminium will look really cool, hopefully the clients will decide to paint the ceiling white. The smooth finish of the eaves-beam and rafters gives it a really classy, contemporary look.

R.S.J. Insertion

Tuesday 20 September 2011

contemporary orangery aluminium

contemporary orangery aluminium

The guys have just got the RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) into place. This is will be set within the floor/ceiling void so the new and old ceiling should run through flush without having any down-stand.

The existing floor joists run perpendicular to the RSJ, so they will have to be let into the flange of the beam and supported by it. A series of props and needles support the existing house whilst the hole is cut for the steel. The guys have developed an ingenious method of using chain block to lift the 160kg steel in to place. This means the work can be done by a couple of old codgers 😉

We will leave the existing wall in place until the orangery is fully built and is secure and watertight. However the steel has to be put in place before the orangery roof can be built.

Brickwork being built

Thursday 15 September 2011
contemporary orangery aluminium

contemporary orangery aluminium

The main house has already been extended a couple of times and a variety of bricks have been used. The original house featured Luton Greys at the front and commons at the rear, with extensions done in an LBC Brindle!

We’ve opted for something that’s closer to the Luton Grey. We’ve also decided to omit the feature brick quoin detail as shown on the CAD drawings because the clients has asked for the pier width to be reduced and it would now look too fussy.

We’ve also used for a stretcher bond rather than Flemish with snapped headers as the nearest brickwork that will now be visible is in stretcher.

The concrete oversite is laid, there will be 100mm of Kingspan insulation to go on this, then the final screed.

CAD Contemporary Orangery

Saturday 20 August 2011

This contemporary orangery will feature grey powder-coated aluminium frames, with folding-sliding doors. A bespoke hardwood painted fascia will be used to continue the modern theme.